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About Us

Unthinkable is a nonprofit tackling the mental health crisis within the climate crisis.

We are building the movement towards public awareness of how to cope, connect, and make change amid escalating climate distress.

Our Goal

Build millions of resilient mindsets to catalyze a climate-safe future.

What we do

Our work focuses on connecting individuals and groups to resources they can use for their own coping, resilience and changemaking. It emphasizes co-benefits or “win-win” solutions for both the emotional/mental strain people are experiencing alongside opportunities to mitigate and adapt to climate impacts. 

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Our Vision 

A world full of millions of people who understand their eco-distress as super-fuel, and who have allowed their feelings to meaningfully reshape the deepest parts of themselves, is health by another name. It’s also the most environmentally connected, socially just, and fruitful world we could wish to build from here. 


We are:

  • Pro-science, pro-community, pro-talking about our feelings openly and honestly, and normalizing conversations about mental health and wellbeing

  • For everyone: laypeople, experts, all backgrounds, all nations, all ages, veterans of the climate movement and those taking their first steps into this space 

  • Intersectional and awake to how the climate crisis exacerbates other systems of oppression, like racism, ableism, misogyny, homophobia, and classism

  • Of the belief that the climate crisis requires that we become adept at internal activism to effectively address the problem over the long haul in concrete and sustainable ways

We exist to help people:

  • Find community and connection with like-minded people, and feel less alone in their worry, distress, or anger

  • Identify coping strategies and existentially robust mindsets that can support you as we collectively move through considerable change

  • Figure out how to funnel your concern into meaningful climate action that fits your unique talents and pleasures 

  • Learn about the incredible work people are doing all around the world at the intersection of climate and mental health

We are not:

  • Debating whether the climate crisis is real

  • Shaming, silencing, or stigmatizing people struggling with mental health nor those who may feel numb and not very emotional about the climate crisis

  • Taking an “only hope allowed” approach that blocks difficult thoughts and feelings from being voiced; we believe that the full spectrum of climate emotions matter for social change and transformation, whether that includes optimism, joy, outrage, fear, grief, or despair

  • Chastising people who are only now waking up to the severity of the climate crisis. We need everybody, while also recognizing that everybody arrives in their own time

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