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Gen Dread is the first newsletter out there that shares wide ranging ideas for supporting emotional health and psychological resilience in the climate and wider ecological crisis.

Gen Dread


"As a climate scientist I deeply value this work to bring a compassionate understanding to the challenges we face. You are building a community that we desperately need."

- Lisa G. 

Climate Scientist

"I finally felt as if my concerns were actually valid. I had previously been ridiculed for worrying this much about something I couldn't control, but that's precisely what is so scary about this whole situation; the fact that it is entirely beyond my control."

- Risana

15 year old student, Bangladesh

"I've struggled to make sense of it all. Gen Dread has helped me understand that both my reaction and those of others come from the impulse to eliminate uncertainty."

- Lee 

Gen Dread Reader

Why the emotional angle on the climate and wider environmental crisis?

Have you ever felt real discomfort when buying a plane ticket because you don’t want to fly but another part of you really wants that trip? Have you ever cried upon reading that a species you love is going extinct? Have you ever lost a coastline you call home to the sea? Have you ever felt that a part of your identity is disappearing along with the stability of the climate? Have you ever felt abandoned by older generations? Have you ever dreaded our collective ecological future?

The age of eco-anxiety is upon us and climate-aware therapists are just a call away. Meanwhile, the afterglow of climate disasters radiates psychiatric trauma throughout the globe. We need to get wise about what is happening as well as what we can do to better care for each other and ourselves, so we don’t all lose our marbles.

You’ll receive a mix of essays, articles, and interviews with pioneers shaping the landscape of climate mental health, directly in your inbox. 


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