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Our Mission

We create, amplify, and connect people to courageous storytelling, education, tools, peer-support, mental health resources, wellbeing practices, and climate-aware community that can strengthen psychological resilience in the climate crisis. We aim to advance the public conversation around climate change and mental health for the widespread benefit of all communities and ecosystems, enlarging the possibility for future generations to thrive.  

The situation we're in is Unthinkable.

The scale and scope of trauma and toxic stresses being caused by the climate crisis are themselves unthinkable. We’ve had the very best thinking devoted to solving this crisis for decades, and yet, emissions are still going up, disasters are compounding, and more people are becoming climate migrants. 

We need approaches that go beyond narrow technocratic and scientific thinking that venture into the felt, behavioral, psychological, somatic, imaginative, and generative possibilities of moving hearts and minds.

We need inclusive, community-minded approaches to respond to the collapse of living systems with proportional emotional maturity, responsibility, love and care. And we need to tend to our mental health along the way. 

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